Please refer to the Palmetto Pointe Rules & Regulations for guidance on when to submit an application. Failure to receive an ARB approval prior to making a change could be costly, as it may result in the need for removal or repair to the original condition. Violation(s) may be levied to those who deviate outside of this predetermined aesthetic, and thus, approval should be requested prior to enacting any changes on the part of the homeowner.

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Please supply details including, but not limited to: location, size, materials, color, and pictures. A site plan or sketch is required for any additional structures with new structure drawn on survey. (Ex: fence, pool, shed, etc.)

Homeowners will receive written notification of the Board’s decision within 30 business days. If additional information is needed, you will be contacted for those items. Once approved, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to insure that the installation complies with the submitted and approved request.

It is your responsibility to obtain approval, keep copies of all approvals received, and pass the approvals on to successors or future property owners if the improvement is still applicable when you sell the home.

Note: The ARB guidelines may be adjusted or revised from time to time as desired by the ARB board. Because the guidelines may change, it is imperative that you obtain approval for each and every item you desire to insure that you will never be asked to remove or make changes to an improvement because the guidelines have changed.


These aesthetic choices are commonly submitted for ARB approval. This list is does not encompass all items, but rather the common items that are typically desired. Keep in mind that, with a few exceptions, all exterior changes must be submitted for approval, not only the items listed below.

  • Fences: Shadow box fencing is the only style of fencing that is approved in the community. Fences must typically begin at the back corners of the house. When an ARB application is submitted, the lot and location will be reviewed with regards to location and easements. Please keep in mind that every lot is different and lots that abut a lagoon, are on a corner, or contain an easement will have specific requirements. It is the responsibility of the homeowner or the contractor to locate the property pins for appropriate placement of the fence.

  • Landscaping Changes: If you would like to add a bed in a location that currently contains sod, add bushes or trees to an area that is not currently part of a landscape bed, or make any change that would be considered more than replacement of an existing tree or shrub, an ARB application is required.

  • Landscaping Materials: Pine straw, pine bark, and cedar chips of natural color are acceptable without ARB approval.

  • Swing Sets / Playgrounds / Trampolines: Permitted, as long as they do not exceed nine (9) feet in height and the yard is already fenced. ARB approval is not required.

  • Swimming Pools: In-ground pools require a fenced yard, must be within the building setbacks, and cannot be located in an easement.

  • Patio Furniture: Patio furniture not located in the rear of the residence needs to be submitted for ARB approval. Pictures must be provided, along with location of the furniture.

  • Storm Doors: Storm doors must contain a solid piece of glass or screen and must match either the house trim (white) or front door. ARB approval is not required.

  • Color Changes: If you would like to change the color of your front door, shutters or any other visible item, you must submit a color swatch for ARB approval.

  • Gutters: Gutters must be white in color. ARB approval is not required.